The Well Gathering is a team, a community, a tribe, a village, a group of loving friends, a gathering of men & women using and falling more in love with oils everyday.

Founded by Tyler and Alex Hinders in 2015, The Well Gathering is a community of over 1800 friends that pursue wellness together, who love one another, encourage each other, and help each other.

We have a heart to serve our members with support, resources, inspiration and encouragement. We would love to have you join us!

When you grab your starter kit from your favorite Well Gathering member you will get access to member exclusive Facebook groups, classes, and resources. 

the community

Tyler + Alex

Abbie H.

Alicia W.

Alyssa M.

Amanda B.

Arielle K.

Brandy W.

Bree M.

Bridget + Jesse

Brittany M.

Cher A.

Chera + Gary

Cindi N.

Elizabeth W.

Ellyn E.

Frieda B.

Emily H.

Erika B.

Erin D.

Frieda B.

Hillary G.

Jason O.

Jena P.

Jordan + Robert

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Julia O.

Juliana B.

Kaela + Josiah

Katie H.

Kelli R.

Kelsi M.

Keri A.

Kerry O.

Krista J.

Kristen B.

Kristina M.

Lauren G.

Magdalena S.

Makayla R.

Mallory C.

Nanette B.

Noel H.

Payton B.

Rachel J.

Rachel R.

Robin H.

Samantha K.

Sami C.

Taylor W.

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Toya F.

Vicky B.

Chantel D.

Pam N.

Katie M.

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- KELSI M. -

"This community has been a light in my life & I’m constantly reminded why God blessed me with it, because the friendships here have sustained me during rough times. My best friends are a result of Essentially Oils and I am so thankful!"


"I love how welcoming and supportive this community is. I feel like I would have been totally lost when I grabbed my oils without the education and help provided in this group. And the friendships formed have been the biggest blessing of all."

- DEBRA B. -

 "I didn’t know what a blessing this community is until I experienced their unconditional support and willingness to answer my questions! This community always is there when I need them!"

our community...