Hello we are Chera and Gary Trulock.

We met on a church bus at the age of twelve, and after 30 years of marriage we are a team in every thing we do.

Last year our journey started when I bought a premium starter kit, to support our wellness as we age. We were hooked, and can't help but share our love of oils because we were so impressed with the difference the oils and natural products made in our life. We have been kicking toxins out of our home and are working every day toward staying above the line of health so we get to enjoy our retirement years.

Our children are now grown and we love seeing the adults they have become. We are so proud of them and brag about them every chance we get, Andrew and his beautiful wife Kassie and my daughter Cassie, who is currently serving in the Army as a Military Dog Handler. HOOAH! 
Yes you read that right, we have two!

We would love for you to join us so your family can reap the benefits of essential oils with solid support on your path to wellness. Come join our family!

chera + gary

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