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If you’re here you probably already know me, but if you don’t let me fill you in!

My name is Payton! I’m the wife to Matthew and momma to our Warner. I’m an amateur baker, craft lover, Jesus follower, and oily enthusiast. 

We started our journey with oils in July 2017 after a botched tummy tuck left me too sick and sensitive to safely use even organic store bought cleaners. We started skeptically with the Thieves Premium Starter Kit, but quickly learned “okay, this stuff is the real deal”; our collection of oils and all things Thieves has since grown tremendously! 

Joining Young Living with the Well Gathering team was a leap we are so thankful we took! This community has educated us, rooted for us through challenges, rallied with us after success, and loved on us through disappointments.

We, and our community, are SO excited you’re here! Let’s get oily, friend. 

Payton B.

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