Well hello there,

We are the Bartletts! High school debate partners turned life long lovers. Avid foodies & craft beer fans, who spend most all of our time learning alongside our 18 month old wild child. We’re currently living the good ole midwestern life as we dream and plan for a move towards the mountains.

We got our kit just about a year a half ago, and those 12 little oils remain one of the best purchases we’ve ever made in our marriage! (Which is saying quite a lot if you know how much we love and rely on our minivan and Ninja blender, haha.) Over the past 8 years we’ve certainly gone through plenty of phases in our health, seasons of vegetarianism and slacklining followed by seasons of Hy-Vee Chinese and Netflix Binging the show House M.D.. But, since Young Living has come into our life we have found a solid foundation and base that keeps us grounded in searching after our healthiest selves and a home that is toxin free. 

Being health and happy to care for our daughter has become our mission and great joy & we would be delighted in sharing in your journey towards wellness and freedom too!

Kaela + josiah

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