HI! I’m Nanette!! I am a mom who has raised two beautiful children, Kristen and Brant. I am a speech pathologist and especially love the challenge of finding alternative ways for my non-verbal clients to communicate. I also teach communication at our community college. Both jobs have been a joy! I love living the country life in rural Illinois, and I adore a walk on a white sandy beach whenever I get a chance. I am active in our little church where I lead music every Sunday. I volunteer in our community, too. I am very blessed!

I got my start with oils in August of 2016 and am forever grateful that my daughter shared her love of Young Living with me. I have since discovered so many fantastic oils and products that have impacted my life in helpful and positive ways! Every day, I use Young Living oils to help me sleep, breath better, increase my focus, and build immunity. I use products for skin care, household cleaning, health support and so much more! I have learned so much from our Wellness Gathering group about toxins in our world, emotional supports, and cleaning with all-natural products! My life is so much better with Young Living! I wouldn’t trade my oils for anything! And now my son-in-law and my son and his fiancé use Young Living products, too.   

I am so excited you are connecting with me through my webpage today! I seriously cannot wait to show you how oils can change your life, too!   

Nanette B.

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