They can reach every cell in your body within 20 minutes when applied topically to the body, eliminate toxins in your body, regenerate DNA, pass the “blood-brain” barrier, work on emotions via the limbic system of your brain when inhaled, release emotional trauma, relax and clear the mind, transport nutrients to starving human cells, act as powerful antioxidants, increase atmospheric oxygen, remove toxins in the air, and increase ozone and negative ions in the area which inhibit bacterial growth.


The fragrance of the oils work on the limbic system in the brain where emotions are stored and can help relax and clear the mind as well as release emotional trauma (this emotional stuff is HUGE for our overall wellness!). They can have profound physiological and psychological effects as well!


EO's were mankind's first means of wellness and are in fact mentioned ALL throughout Scripture. The oils are very powerful which is why they are able to reach every part of our bodies on a cellular level. Within minutes of using or breathing in an oil, they can be found in every organ in your body!


Essential oils are the aromatic, volatile liquids distilled from plants. The oil can be obtained from the roots, seeds, shrub, flowers, leaves and trees and bring health and healing to the body. The chemistry is extremely complex and may consist of hundreds of different and unique chemical compounds.


Young Living’s Vitality line is a line of Dietary oils, all safe and intended for internal use. To ingest essential oils, try the following: 

Make a capsule using empty vegetable capsules. Fill it with carrier oil and swallow!

Try a drop or two (start slow!) in your water, NingXia Red, smoothies, cocktails, & other drinks.

Use in your cooking in placement of or addition to herbs, spices, or citrus zest.
You might be wondering WHY would we use oils for cooking instead of the herbs in our garden or grocery store? It all comes down to FREQUENCY. A healthy person has a frequency around 62-68 MHz. As our frequency dips down, that is when our body starts to show symptoms and illnesses. Dry herbs have a frequency of 12-23 MHz. Fresh herbs go up to 20-27 MHz, which is awesome, but Essential Oils have frequencies between 52-428 MHz!! This means that even the lowest frequency oil is still higher and more beneficial to our bodies, as far as frequency goes

.03 internally

Direct application onto the skin is one of the easiest ways to use essential oils. It is also a highly effective method since essential oils can easily pass through the lipid membranes of cell walls. They are able to penetrate cells and disperse throughout the body within minutes. The bottom of the feet is a good place to apply oils directly because many nerve endings are found there and the pores of the skin are large in that area.

Before you start, remember to test a small area of the skin first. Apply one oil or blend at a time. The longer essential oils stay in contact with the skin, the more likely they are to be absorbed. To reduce evaporation and enhance penetration, putting socks on after applying can help!

Carrier oils extend essential oils when they are applied to a large area, and can decrease skin irritation as well. When applying essential oils to children, always use a carrier oil. Examples of common carrier oils include coconut oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin e oil, sweet almond oil, & olive oil.

.02 topically

Diffusing essential oils is a perfect way to improve your home, work, or living environment. Diffusing can purify the air and neutralize mildew, cigarette smoke or other odors as well as protect you and your family from harmful things we breathe in the air. Aromatic use can also help with mood regulation.

To enjoy essential oils aromatically, try the following:

Place 2 drops into the palm of your hand; rub clockwise with the other hand. Cup hands together over the nose and mouth and inhale deeply.

Add several drops of an essential oil to a bowl of hot (not boiling) water. Inhale the vapors that rise from the bowl. A towel can be placed over the head and bowl to increase the intensity of the vapors.

Apply a few drops of essential oil to a cotton ball, tissue, natural-fiber handkerchief, or clay necklace and inhale periodically.

Diffuse in a Young Living Diffuser.

.01 aromatically

how to use oils

Most EOs are generally safe for use during pregnancy, but need to be used with common sense. A great resource is the book Gentle Babies.

safety tip 2 // pregnancy and oils...

It’s important to keep oils in a cool, dark place with lids tightly closed. Always use and store EOs in glass containers, especially when drinking them in water, since most plastic products contain chemicals that can be easily broken down by the oil.

SAFETY tip 1 // When storing essential oils...

Safety is of utmost importance when using essential oils! It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the information out there; but using common sense and starting gradually will help ease any sort of intimidation you might feel as you begin using essential oils in your everyday life. 
We recommend grabbing yourself a reference guide of some kind. Our favorites are found at and you can also grab them on Amazon. Young Living oils' purity and grade is very high (which is why we love them!), so they should be used with knowledge and respect. We also only recommend using Young Living Oils and don’t recommend using any other brand.

Always follow the recommended directions for use. Check the labels of essential oil bottles to ensure that you are following the instructions for intended use, including when determining whether or not to use oils internally. 

safety tip 5 // follow recommended usage...

Keep EOs away from eyes and never put them directly into the ears.
Should irritation or accidental contact with eyes occur, never use water to clear the EO (they are not water-soluble). Instead, use a carrier oil (such as coconut oil or sweet almond oil) to cleanse the area and reduce discomfort.

safety tip 4 // eyes + ears...

Citrus oils are photosensitive when applied to the skin. Most undiluted photosensitive oils require 12 hours before sun exposure but some can take up to 48 hours. So it's best to use them in your nightly routine!

safety tip 3 // the scoop on citrus oils...

using oils safely

01. Essential oils can bypass digestion.

This works when you are diffusing the oils or using them topically. Without aromatic or topical use, you’re relying fully on your digestive system (no matter how good or not-so-good it is, to process everything for you.)

02. Essential oils are fat soluble.

This makes them able to easily absorb into the skin. Within a few minutes of putting an oil on your skin, there is no residue, or any sign that it was there at all. They are able to pass through the fatty layer under your skin known as the lipid bilayer, which is what pulls the fat soluble essential oil into your bloodstream. 

03. Essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier.

The blood-brain barrier is a barrier/coating, around the nervous system and around the brain, to keep toxins and junk out of it. The cell particles of eos can cross right through this, and drive themselves right into your body quicker and more completely.

04. Essential oils work off of FREQUENCIES.

Young Living knows the vibrational frequency of each plant/oil. They ALSO know how the body’s cells function off of different frequencies. they match the plants that help to stimulate and support that part of the body to create specific changes. they use oils and create blends to help your body to operate exactly as it is supposed to!

05. Essential oils are adaptogenic.
Adaptogenic means that essential oils can change and adapt to what the body needs, because it’s a natural substance. It does for my body what MY body needs, and for your body what YOUR body needs. The eo you are using is not going to go past what the body needs, your body will just stop accepting it! 

06. Essential oils work in Therapy Localization

When I touch a specific part of the body, it tells my brain that I want it to work harder on that spot. The second I touch that part of my body, my brain immediately pays attention, starts rushing blood to the area, it opens up the vessels in that area, turns the nerves on in that area… it tells the body “HEY! FOCUS HERE!”

07. Essential oils clean receptor sites.

Oils are made up of some chemical constituents called phenols, monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes. You know what they do? They clean the receptor sites on our cells! When you’re dealing with daily stressors, junk, toxins, bad emotional stress… anything that stresses your body, your receptor sites get damaged! oils help clean them!

08. Essential oils are safe. And easy to use!

 It’s easy, friends. I promise. As you first start to use oils, start slowly just like you would with anything! For your kiddos, grab some coconut oil to dilute it, or use fewer drops in the diffuser to get started. But Young Living oils are safe and awesome! Use them! 

why essential oils

The absolute best way to get started with essential oils is with the Premium Starter Kit!

In addition to the 12 essential oils (scroll to see the break down), you will receive a whole bunch of goodies!

A Diffuser! (there are four options to choose from) - Kind of like a candle, minus the flame and horrible toxins! You fill it with water and add whatever oil you want to it, then hit the button and let it run! All the good smells plus added health benefits. This is definitely one of my favorite ways to use oils and we have one in every single room of our home.

Thieves Spray - A to-go version of our favorite plant-based (toxin-free) cleaner! Spray it on door handles, shopping carts, your table, the works!

Ningxia Red Packets - Young Living's antioxidant drink. Perfect for boosting your immune system!

Thieves Hand Sanitizer - our favorite plant-based hand sanitizer. It is effective at eliminating 99.99 percent of many common, harmful germs and bacteria without the scary toxins found in conventional sanitizer!

Two Roller Tops - Place on any oil that you would love to roll on ALL the time. The most popular choices are Stress Away and PanAway!

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Access To Our Incredible Community - think giveaways, amazing education, and people to link arms with on this journey! It's hands-down the very best part of this whole thing! 

Check out the oils that are included below!

01. Lavender
the "swiss army knife" of oils because it does so much! use for sleeping, relaxation, to soothe skin, to reduce the appearance of blemishes,
and to nourish hair! 

02. frankincense
the fact that this oil is included in the psk is an incredible value! it's amazing for skin, perfect to use for those times where you need a little calming + grounding, and frankincense vitality is incredible for overall wellness support!

03. panaway
this is an oil you need in your life if you have any "pan" that you want to go away ;) (Get it!? It's a play on words!) Use after workouts or long days, it's a perfect oil to mix with a carrier oil and have someone give you a massage with!

04. stress away
a blend that was created for anyone who has stress in their lives. So basically everyone. Diffuse or apply to unwind, make bath salts with this blend, and even create a sleepy-time roller by combining stress away + lavender. Everyone needs this oil in their lives!

05. raven
a blend of oils that when applied topically, leave a cooling sensation. This blend is amazing to use during winter months by creating a chest rub. Diffuse or inhale for happy breathing!

06. citrus fresh
a blend of fresh-smelling citrus oils. This one is amazing to diffuse while cleaning, to freshen up stinky things, and even supports healthy skin texture! (Just apply at night to avoid any PHOTO- SENSITIVITIES!) 

07. thieves vitality
A blend of oils that are incredible for keeping your immune system fighting just as it should! Use Thieves Vitality to make tea to soothe your throat, diffuse thieves or apply to your feet to keep your home healthy all year. This one is also amazing to clean with, and there's an entire line of home products with thieves.

08. Lemon vitality
Lemon vitality is amazing for flushing out your body of toxins. It supports focus, and is great to mix with lavender and peppermint vitality to use during the spring time (when pollen is everywhere). We love diffusing lemon to uplift our moods and cleaning with lemon too!

09. peppermint vitality
Peppermint vitality is one that does it all. from supporting your digestive system, to soothing any discomforts, to freshening your breath, and promoting focus, peppermint is one you need in your arsenal.

1o. digize vitality
digize, like digestion, is the perfect blend to use any time your digestive system is feeling off. we don't love how this tastes, so our favorite way to use it is to add it to a veggie capsule, top with a carrier oil and then take like a supplement/ pill!!

11. Valor
A truly unique blend of Black Spruce, Blue Tansy, Camphor Wood, Geranium, and Frankincense, Valor has a woodsy, grounding aroma that is great for massaging into targeted areas or applying when you are feeling nervous, stressed, or need some confidence. It's also great in the diffuser at bedtime!

12. Peace & Calming
a gentle, sweet blend of Ylang Ylang, Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy and is one of Young Living’s most popular essential oil blends. Apply to wrists and inhale, or diffuse it when you are feeling on edge. Perfect to use during your children’s bedtime and for yourself after the house has settled down.

the psk includes...

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